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WorkFello thrives on providing optimal customer satisfaction. We offer the best RPO services and talent acquisition solutions.

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We are well known for providing low cost Talent Acquisition and RPO Services to hundreds of our global clients. WorkFello doesn’t just make your hiring process cost-effective, we make it efficient and well-organised.

With WorkFello, you won’t need to drown under stacks of CVs anymore. Our RPO Services will seamlessly handle your recruitment needs. We work with you through the entire recruitment process, determining the best available workforce, skill, knowledge, and abilities to meet your needs. We enable you to save precious time and money while maintaining a professional and quality relationship. You would find the best talent through our best Recruitment Process Outsourcing services. We strive to meet the needs and constant challenges our clients face. Every assignment is as important to us as our first was.

Are you drowning under irrelevant resumes and a stream of unsuitable candidates? Or have access to a limited number of candidates? It means you our Sourcing specialist services. Our tenacious team will search through job boards, internal databases and forums to increase your candidate outreach. Finding the perfect candidate is one thing; we need to make sure that they are in fact available by focusing on “active candidates”. See our options below:


  • CV Sourcing for (4) vacancies per day – 5 days a week
  • 8-12 CVs per vacancy submission (Unlimited Repeat Searches)*.
  • High value of client confidentiality and loyalty
  • Dedicated Account Management + Access to top Job boards + LinkedIn Recruiter License

* Searches can be repeated on instructions to find more candidates depending on their availability on the databases.


  • CV Sourcing for (2) vacancies per day – 5 days a week
  • 8-12 CVs per vacancy submission (Unlimited Repeat Searches)*.
  • High value of client confidentiality and loyalty
  • Dedicated Account Management + Access to top Job boards + LinkedIn Recruiter License

* Searches can be repeated upon instructions to find more candidates depending on their availability on the databases.

Best suited for both recruitment agencies, corporate recruiters and in-house HR team who are looking to on-board a dedicated Resourcer for their recruiting functions. WorkFello takes basic CV sourcing to another level. We conduct candidates vetting process on your behalf, in addition to identifying applicants to suit your requirements. The Resourcer identifies, contacts and conducts all of the pre-screening processes of candidates before sending them over to you. We sift through countless candidates to pinpoint the perfect match for the job. Our team use their responsible sourcing expertise by managing the entire resourcing process on your behalf. What could be easier?

  • Dedicated Account Management for your company
  • Sourcing candidates for your jobs via Job-boards, LinkedIn and internal database.
  • Confirming candidates interest and availability before submission.
  • Makes portfolios for all necessary information
  • Day-to-day management of all candidate relationships.
  • Utilizing various candidate attraction and sourcing/pipeline techniques

When it comes to RPO Services, WorkFello will deliver the top notch results. Years of expertise and inside knowledge of the recruitment game has given us a bit of an edge over our competition because we see past the numbers. We pride ourselves to be more than just an average recruiter for your company as we cover the complete recruitment process, 360 Recruitment. We believe in a collaborative work environment by understanding your needs first hand and then matching your vacancies with the right talent available in the marketplace. We have built up a tremendous global team of expert Consultants that hold our company culture and ethos at heart that have helped to build our great business.

  • We charge only when a successful placement is made
  • Guarantee to find the best candidate within fourteen days!
  • Free Candidate replacement model – warranty as per agreement

Contact us to gain more information about our Recruitment Process Outsourcing services. You’ll love the way we work!

Our CV Formatting services will fasten your recruitment process as we can create CVs as per our clients’ demands to the full-stop! A well designed curriculum vitae as per your company specific needs with all the make-up to make it aesthetic to any hiring entity!

  • Following a template with precision (company logo accepted)
  • Document Re-design
  • Document formatting corrections and winning text designs
  • Appealing fonts

Professional resume offering and CV Services are one of the difficult to handle process, but with our expertise you will see a flawless and smooth process.

Whether you are looking for a data management support or data mining/sourcing solution, WorkFello has expert data gurus who can help you with any of your data requirements. Our high customer value leads us to give our clients exactly what they want, and more!

We will go to any legal lengths to find all the required data available in the global database, only for our clients. Our well- organised sourcing process makes us efficient in procuring authentic and cited data. We build lifetime relations with our clients, this is not just another job for us!

Get in touch to discuss your data requirements and find yourself a perfect solution!

Workfello doesn’t just care about finding you perfect employees, we care about our clients’ business processes just as much. We provide solutions for our customers to run their business more effectively and efficiently. From data processing to portfolio management, Workfello will be by your side to see you win the market.


WorkFello has been working hard and smart since its inception in 2009. Currently, it is one of the market leading companies for Talent Acquisition and RPO services.

For a business owner, the main objective is to provide a great service and earn a profit from that service. So it makes sense to outsource your recruitment needs to a partner capable of making that a reality for you. You will spend far less on an in-house Resourcer or a Recruiter because WorkFello can do the same job and probably do it better as well. Not only saving you money but also with the perfect candidate for your vacancy, we are able to increase your profits as well. No matter if you are looking for offshore outsourcing or 360 recruitment services, we will deliver the best candidate sourcing for you.

WorkFello is a cost- effective, requirement focusing company which adapts as per the needs of our clients. We are partners for our clients and we make it our mission to get the best solution available to our clients efficiently. We do the job for less cost and we do it better! Trust us, a combination better than this is not being practiced; if it was, we would already be doing it.

Our Mission is to enable opportunity seeking companies, who value the true importance of impeccably conducted recruitment solutions. With the ideal combination of our proficient recruiting methods, top notch RPO Services and the advanced technological amazement’s, we have become a recruitment process outsourcing company with an effective force that no one wants to reckon with.

Years of experience and practice has made us experts with insight knowledge of multiple industries. We make your goals our goals and together, we achieve them better!

With our expertise and combined resources, no stone will be left unturned.

Our Talent is Finding Yours