Recruitment Resourcer

Best suited for both recruitment agencies and in-house HR team who are looking to on-board a dedicated Recruitment Resourcer for screening candidates. WorkFello takes basic PreScreening to another level. We conduct candidates vetting process on your behalf, in addition to identifying applicants to suit your requirements. The Resourcer identifies, contacts and conducts all of the pre-screening processes of candidates before sending them over to you. We sift through countless candidates to pinpoint the perfect match for the job. Our team use their expertise by managing the entire resourcing process on your behalf. What could be easier?

  • Dedicated Account Management for your company
  • Screening Candidates for your jobs via Job-boards, LinkedIn and internal database.
  • Confirming candidates interest and availability before submission.
  • Makes portfolios for all necessary information
  • Day-to-day management of all candidate relationships.
  • Utilizing various candidate attraction and sourcing/pipeline techniques

Whether you are looking for Screening/Sourcing candidates WorkFello will always Seperate the Sheeps from the Goats and provide you with best candidates for the Job.